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Milking and Venom

Bio-Ken milks most venomous snakes found in Kenya. Pure desiccated snake venom is available for sale, please contact us for further information regarding this product.

Pure Desiccated Snake Venom

Pure desiccated snake venom for 5 gram orders per species:

Dendroaspis angusticeps*     Eastern Green Mamba     
Dendroaspis jamesoni*     Jameson's Green Mamba     
Dendroaspis polylepis*     Black Mamba     

Naja haje     Egyptian Cobra     
Naja melanoleuca     Forest Cobra     
Naja nigricollis (type - A)     Black-necked Spitting Cobra     
Naja ashei*   Large Brown Spitting Cobra     
Naja pallida     Red Spitting Cobra     

Bitis arietans*     Puff Adder     
Bitis gabonica     Gaboon Viper     
Bitis nasicornis     Rhinoceros Viper     

Note that for those above indicated with a star ( * ), we have various quantities of pure desiccated venom in stock, the rest are milked and processed on an order basis only.

Please contact us to let us know what specific venoms you are interested in purchasing.