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EHS Support

Bio-Ken Environmental Health Support Services

Bio-Ken offers advice and support to individuals and institutions who have snake problems. We offer advice on how to reduce the incidences of snakes entering houses, tents and properties in areas where snakes are prevalent. In many incidences this is because humans have moved in to previously uninhabited areas and provide food (in the form of kitchen waste) to rats and birds which are the natural prey of many snakes. Introducing water (dripping taps, water tanks, bird baths and dams for example) in to a very dry, arid region will also attract many small creatures, birds and snakes.

There are many harmless snakes as well as the highly venomous snakes so it is also important to know the different snakes in your area. Bio-Ken provides advice on which snakes can be left alone to provide assistance in the control of rats and other vermin visiting the kitchen! Bio-Ken believes in protecting all the snakes as well as the people and therefore snakes are removed and relocated, they are never killed.

Teaching people how to behave and prepare in order to reduce the likelihood of a snake encounter or bite is crucial. Bio-Ken offers behavioural advice to groups of people living or working in places where snakes are likely to cause problems, for example camps, field workers, building sites, safaris and many more situations.

In the event of a snakebite, which can happen in the least likely situation and even when all precautions have been taken, Bio-Ken has the expertise and experience to guide a doctor or medic through the correct management and treatment. Bio-Ken offers specific courses for medics and doctors on the correct treatment and also first aid advice for people who are likely to be the first to help get a patient to the clinic. With so many myths surrounding snakebite treatment, it is imperative that people know what to do in the first few hours, especially those working in remote areas.

For more information about our EHS support services please contact us on: +254 718 290 324 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.